A visual attraction fully equipped for friendly interaction guaranteed to make your event STAND out!  Our characters have walked tall around palaces, castles and stately homes, supermarkets, show fields and city centres, festivals, beer gardens and back gardens…and beyond!
We have a range of characters to fit with different themes, be it seasonal or celebratory, we’re here to add that extra (vertical) dimension to your “Do”!
We love dressing up and putting on a show, in a BIG way!! Here are but a few examples of our LARGER than life characters!

Historical Giants, Victorian Gents, Medieval Knights, Vikings, Pirates
Seasonal Giants – Christmas Elves, Halloween Ghouls
Food & Garden Giants – Scarecrows, Chefs
Wedding Giants – Victorian Gents, Chimney Sweeps, Mardi-gras

Usefool for…anywhere remotely flat, promotional activities, Meet & Greet and Mix and Mingle